Cleanroom and Industrial Laundry Services

TEK services all cleanroom and industrial laundry needs including lab coats, uniforms, mats, towels, mops, and flame resistant (FR) apparel. We offer a complete approach to answer all of your laundering needs, all delivered by a trained TEK driver on a TEK owned truck. If you are out-of-state, consider our Clean Ship Program, designed with your needs in mind.

We will provide you with quality service, at a competitive price, on a consistent basis. We understand this only happens by solving problems in a fair and timely manner, and delivering what we promise. We want you as a long-term customer. Read More

White Glove Customer Service

For more than 33 years, TEK Products has been providing over 21,000 quality products and services to our rapidly growing customer list world-wide. TEK continues to win awards from our customers and vendors for our customer focus, high-touch service, and technical acumen. TEK has impressed customers enough to allow us to average double-digit growth for 20 consecutive years. Read More

Did you know we provide embroidery services for ESD and industrial garments?

Customize your garments in a variety of styles, colors and placements using a our easy 6-step process.